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Safer Options pre and post COVID-19
Safer Options pre and post COVID-19

Emirates Cuisine Solutions LLC

Safer options pre and post COVID-19

Cuisine Solutions have pioneered a solution that is food safe, hermetically sealed, perfectly cooked, pasteurized & additive-free.
All of our production facilities are certified to the highest standards including BRC AA International, and our kitchens here in Dubai are regularly sanitized in keeping with WHO and Dubai Municipality guidelines.
All of our employees are subject to daily temperature checks and trained in physical distancing practices.
They are required to maintain the highest standards of personal hygiene, hand washing, social distancing, wearing gloves and masks, and changing gloves frequently when handling food items.


Our delivery trucks are disinfected after each trip and our drivers are provided with disinfectant supplies as recommended by the Dubai Municipality.
To keep you safe, they change their masks and gloves after each delivery.
They will leave your eatboxx at your doorstep and wait within a safe distance of at least 2 meters from the door, to allow you to inspect your delivery.
If you are paying on delivery, they will take payment using contactless POS.
If you wish to pay by cash, they will exchange at arm’s length.


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