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    Sesame & Lemongrass Salmon with Sticky Coconut Rice and Pickled Cucumber Salad
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    Express Keto Beef Short Ribs
    No long braising for this delicious Cuisine Solutions’ sous-vide Short Rib that only needs to be quickly pan fried to caramelize! Add your garnish, stock and seasoning to create a hearty wholesome braised meal in minutes!
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    Basmati Pilaf with Turkey, Pistachio, Cranberries, Parsley and Thyme
    Classic but nonetheless exquisite and healthy
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    The food culture of our city is robust and unique. While we all love to cook, we sometimes wonder how to make the perfect Wagyu brisket we had at that famous restaurant in town! We have the ideal solution! We offer family and group boxes from breakfast to dinner, with frozen, pasteurized and delicious sous-vide products that guarantee a savory, easy-to-cook and safe meal at all time! Remember, there is something here for the foodie in all of us!